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Jim first joined the predecessor company of Bluegrace Holdings, in 2009 as head of the company's Seattle office as well as director of Compliance for the entire company. He subsequently served as Special Advisor to Finance; Head of Mergers and Acquisitions; and Head of the Audit committee. Since 2011 Jim also served on the Boards of several Bluegrace subsidiary corporations in various countries and directed the Asia divisional operations of the company's Paclitaxel (Taxol) Yew Plantations in Guang-chang, China. In November of 2013, Jim was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Bluegrace Holdings and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.


For 21 years prior to his time with Bluegrace Holdings, Jim was founding member and senior partner of a highly regarded Washington State law firm. The firm represented domestic, foreign and international corporations in all manners of commercial, business and assets transactions.


Jim is the author of two highly regarded books on civil litigation, has served as a political lobbyist, an elected government official, and has served on numerous local, state and national committees. In addition to his work as an attorney, Jim served as a part-time trial court Judge for over 16 years. Jim has also taught legal courses for years and is currently an adjunct professor at universities in Washington and New Hampshire where he teaches graduate level courses in Business Law; International Negotiations; Managing through Communication; Ethics, Corporate Culture, and Social Responsibility; to MBA students; and other courses in the undergraduate business and liberal arts departments.


In his life away from the company Jim is an avid football (soccer) fan and high adventure sports enthusiast. He is a SCUBA instructor, a private pilot, a skiing instructor and mountain climber. He travels often to the South Pacific where he and his wife founded a NGO that has benefitted remote Fijian villages through infrastructure, healthcare and educational development for over 18 years. Jim has a passion for the underprivileged and lends his expertise to justice and poverty issues worldwide. 

Jim holds three Doctoral diplomas.        

  • His initial Juris Doctorate degree was earned at the University of Puget Sound;   
  • A subsequent Honorary Doctorate in Law was awarded by Seattle University; and
  • His Doctorate in Education was earned at Argosy University;        
  • Jim's initial Bachelors degree was obtained from the University of Washington.

Jim White

Group Director - CEO