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Bluegrace Aviation works in exclusive partnership with Aero Dynamics ND

Bluegrace Aviation provides commercial management for all kinds of aircraft owners. This means that Aerodynamics has a direct and precise insight into the availability of the aircraft. Furthermore you will benefit as a customer from preferential prices.The fleet of Aerodynamics consists of the following aircraft:• Cessna Citation CJ3 a twin engine jet with seven seats• Cessna Citation Excel a twin engine, midsize jet with eight seats• Cessna Citation XLSl a twin engine, midsize jet with eight seats. No matter what kind of aircraft you are looking for, Aerodynamics Bludegrace Aviation will ensure you get the most suitable aircraft for the best price.

The company exists to provide a cost-effective alternative to scheduled business-class flights, meaning that timetabling can be bespoke and services can be provided on an as-needed basis. These services, including corporate dressing of aircraft, VIP configurations of seating for on-board meetings, meet-and-greet and airport concierge facilities, all help to make travel with Bluegrace Aviation an efficient and rarefied choice for today’s business executives.

NEVER wait at an airport again!

Bluegrace Aviation

As a bespoke and high-end provider of executive travel, Bluegrace Aviation understands the demands that are put on top-level decision makers where time really is money. For Bluegrace Aviation, the details make all the difference, such as a 15-minute check-in time and same day late evening returns avoiding expensive and wasteful overnight hotel stays. The company has been operating since 1986 from its base in Schipol in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s major hub airports. During this time, it has successfully operated more than 8,000 private charter flights on luxury business jets.

Fly to every destination you want, the way you want! With every type of airplane, from a turboprop for one passenger to a Boeing 747 for five hundred passengers.