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Bluegrace Holdings is in partnership with Uzman Investment Holding Company, one of the leading development corporations in Turkey since 1963.

Our goal is to build in a better way, creating a path for change in the construction industry. By using improved and innovative methods, we address both environmental and social concerns whilst maintaining aesthetics and comfort in the places in which we live and work.


Bluegrace Construction provides complete building services around the globe. As a multi-national company we understand the importance of adapting to different markets and bring with us comprehensive project management and resources. By employing experts in all the operational fields, any project, a renovation, feasibility study or new build, is finished to the highest standard and with complete due diligence.

Bluegrace Construction

New builds - Renovations
Feasibility studies - Project management
Specialized building techniques
Architectural design - ​Interior design

The philosophy of Bluegrace Holdings is particularly significant to our Construction Division  where commercial success is indivisible from a commitment to our community and the environment. To this end, one of Bluegrace Construction’s continuing projects is providing low cost, environmentally friendly, sustainable homes for people in emerging countries.

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