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A global independent power producer that develops, owns and operates solar parks around the world.

Bluegrace Energy

In addition to our production of renewable, sustainable energy, Bluegrace works towards offsetting its carbon footprint by maintaining the largest cultivated Yew tree farm in the world on over 3500 acres in Yunnan, China along with over 2000 acres of bamboo, the fastest growing most efficient oxygen producing plant on earth which we cultivate in the Fijian Islands.

The need to develop energy supplies that are sustainable and in harmony with nature requires us to shed a mentality inherited from the industrial revolution as we develop new technologies and attitudes towards energy.

Bluegrace Energy is an integrated provider of competitive and proven renewable energy solutions. We are currently exploring the use of biogas, bio-oil, woody biomass and secondary fuels. As an ethical and forward looking provider of sustainable energy solutions, we transform clean and renewable fuels into energy for now and the future. We look to grow our position in the sector through alliances and acquisitions in specific segments which complement our vision for the company.

At Bluegrace Energy we apply our in-depth engineering and energy management capabilities to all our activities, from initial concept design through to the final selling of energy.

  • Sustainable and renewable sources
  • Engineering
  • Energy management