Fabrice Jehlé-Grador

Head of Bluegrace Foundation

A Multinational Holding Company

Europe - Asia - South America - Africa - Australia

Fabrice Jehlé-Grador, was born in Strasbourg, France. After ten years as an elite athlete (football), he prepared his career change by focusing mainly on the vulnerable populations.

After gaining higher education certificates in operational marketing and management, he began a new career in which he spent ten years on the field of humanitarian projects. He started at the head of top communications agencies in order to perfect his knowledge in the humanitarian marketing area. Then, Mr Jehlé-Grador decided to redirect his career-path by going to work directly for companies providing fundamental infrastructures. These companies generally offer their services after a cyclone within a danger zone. At that time, to be an important stakeholder in the field of drinkable water became his leitmotiv.

AEQUALIA Foundation

Fabrice established Aequalia in 2004, firstly in France, and then in Monaco principality nine years later, aiming at providing drinkable water and good conditions of sanitation. Currently, Aequalia is present on four continents with its projects (in France, Togo, the Philippines, and Peru) and is trying to grow up by developing more and more projects and by creating its international umbrella association in Geneva. The number of person who stand to benefit from Aequalia’s actions has to rise in the short term.

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