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If a piece is missing, from single projects to complete restructuring Bluegrace Management Services is here to help.

Bluegrace Management Services offers select services to businesses on a consultancy basis. Similar to renting a professional office suite for a day to meet client expectations, we help your business to increase its visibility and image, bid on complex projects, meet one-time client needs and more without increasing your personnel or overhead.

Professional Key services such as accountancy, legal support, management information systems, human resource management, logistics and information technology support are not easily available on a worldwide basis from a single provider. Bluegrace Management Services' integrated design provides economy of scale, uniformity and consistency for businesses operating from a single office or from several locations spread across the world.

Long Term Tasks
Conflict resolution
Cost management
Critical management studies
Design management
Logistics management
Operations management
Organization development
Project management
Quality management

Resource management
Strategic planning
Enterprise content
Human resources
Information technology
Records Management
Supply chain

Day-to-day tasks
Tax preparations
Bank reconciliation
Financial statements
Balance sheets
Profit and Loss
Cash Flow

Bluegrace Management Services

Bluegrace Management Services employs a wide range of professionals in order to provide companies with concierge style services. Providing professional help by the day or permanently, part time to full time, a single project or a complete restructuring - meeting unique needs is our goal.

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