â€œWe are constantly looking for the cross-over between professional sports and leisure time activities. A good example is our Scorpio Buggy division which sprang directly from our involvement in professional racing".

– Richard Granier, Chairman of the Board

SolSports - a leader for Sports Related Travel

To keep pace with ever-growing consumer demands for sophisticated new technologies, Bluegrace Sports and Leisure budgets more than $3 milllion annually on researching the entire global sports and leisure industry for avan-garde innovations.

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A Multinational Holding Company

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Bluegrace Sports and Leisure

Bluegrace Sports searches out unique, innovative and cutting-edge trends in the industry with a view towards developing the market for new experiences and technology in the sports and leisure sector. Breaking new ground by introducing progressive new technologies to the industry and integrating the new with old time-tested standards is the mission of Bluegrace Sports and Leisure.

Leading-edge technology to enhance individual  sports performance for both professionals and amatures alike. Better results and more enjoyment of the game!

Our products and companies have been developed by experts in Biomechanics applied to sport and in sport performance analysis coaching.

  • Only the finest hotels and sports facilities
  • Sun drenched Costa del Sol
  • Training camps for professional and amateur teams
  • Sports related youth camps
  • Tailor-made events for large corporate groups


  A small off road car designed to  be as comfortable

  in the city, as at the beach or in the country side. Its       well designed interior providing comfort and features.

Modern with a retro look.