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Stefano Fabbri

Blue Point UK

Head of Fixed Income Trading

Stefano come to the Group with decades of business experience as an entrepaneur, employee and regulator. He is certified with the Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts in Italy as a Certified Public Accountants and enrolled in the National Register of Auditors. For more than 17 years he has consulted in the areas of administrative activities, corporate taxes and financial structures in the Czech Republic, China, Morocco, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. Stefano was assigned by the Italian courts to oversee bankruptcy activities for many years.

Stefano’s roll with the Group will include managing movable and immovable assets, through collaboration with financial structures authorized in Italy and abroad, with specific presence in Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

When not working Stefano is a patron of the arts.  He is a longstanding active member of the Guggenheim Foundation with a particular passion for modern art.

Stefano holds a College Degree from  Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Aldo Capitini; a Masters Professional course for software Design and software Management; a Master degree in Consortiums Management for small and medium sized Companies working in the Fashion Industry and a BA in Psychological Management of Jobs and Organizations from the University of Florence. His first language is Italian and he is functionally fluent in English, and proficient in Spanish.