Bluegrace Holdings is a group of companies built on the commonly held principles of professional expertise, the utmost integrity and the creation of real value in both  business and in society. Through our divisions and with our strategic partnerships, we are active in a very large assortment of business endeavors. The common thread in each of these business ventures is a commitment to excellence.

Bluegrace is founded on important  core values which we adopted at the initiation of our business. We pledged to pursue responsible business growth, improvement of  the local communities in which we invest and economic, social and ecological sustainability in all of our projects and partnerships. Our company is active on five employing these core values in all of our projects worldwide.

Paris - London - Madrid - Valencia - Toronto - Wuchi - Hong Kong - Shanghai

Brasilia - Pretoria - Cape Town - Istanbul - Ankara - Athens - Perth

A Multinational Holding Company

Europe - Asia - South America - Africa - Australia

Diversity of business knowledge, International experience and active local involvement forms the fundamental framework of our corporate management team. Regionally sited resident directors take an active hands on approach to management. We place a high premium on excellence at every level and demand a  genuine  dedication to our core values.

Our many holdings are developed regionally utilizing local expertise and management with limited but thorough oversight from our world headquarters in London. We operate in twelve diverse divisions on seven continents: Healthcare, Environment, Aviation, Nanotechnology, Education, Telecommunications, Construction Sports and Leisure, Automotive, Management Services, Food and  Beverage and Energy. We are also committed to investing in innovative Ecological programs worldwide through our Bluegrace Foundation.