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About Our Company


Bluegrace Holdings is a consortium of companies built on the common principles of:

  • integrity

  • professional expertise, and

  • the creation of value in business and for society

Through our many divisions, Bluegrace Holdings is on the cutting edge innovation in:

  • telecommunications

  • commercial development

  • private usage, concierge style aviation

  • emerging healthcare breakthroughs

  • environmental protection and enhancement

  • new and innovative educational methodologies

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are investors, designers, implementers

  • We take well founded risks, make big bets, and move with urgency

  • We are humble and mindful in our actions and words

  • We seek and heed counsel of experienced local professionals

  • We deliver results as promised and when promised

  • We demand ethical behavior of all within our Group

  • We treat each other and all our partners as equally valued colleagues

  • We covet and nurture a spirit of innovation

The common thread in every Bluegrace partner company is our commitment to responsible business growth through:

  • enhancement of the local community

  • integration with the natural environment

  • social and ecological sustainability

  • as equally important goals


Bluegrace Holdings is divided into nine divisions operating on five continents with common management based in London,  United Kingdom.

Bluegrace Holdings is managed in semi-autonomous divisions, each with its own C level executives who answer directly to the Group CEO.

The Board establishes policy and goals for the group which are then delegated and implemented by the Executives

We have formed a number of strategic partnerships in order to maximize our resources and take advantage of a diverse and established pool of knowledge

BLUEGRACE HOLDINGS seeks to be a world leader in the development of innovative, ethical, and morally responsible business practices for this and future generations.

We employ devoted, highly educated and skilled individuals who are empowered to move projects forward with minimal administrative oversight.

We apply a transparent business model fully informing our partners in all aspects of any project to assure a complete meeting of the minds before we finalize any commitments. We seek long term relationships with partners who share our vision, values and goals.

The quality of our business practice is the foundation of our success. We use advanced tools and techniques to track all of our projects to ensure that we deliver strong strategies and solutions. We

do not take lightly our commitments - they form the very cornerstone of our business.